our specialties


our specialties


OUR Specialties 

Based on our years of experience and insights our clients have asked us for assistance in many areas and the most common areas have become what we are known for.  They are our specialties.



Interim/Virtual COo, CIO, CISO, CTO

Do you have goals you need to achieve? We perform the role of CIO, CISO, CTO or COO on a full time “Interim” basis or variable “Virtual” basis including oversight, strategy, budgeting, project/program facilitation, operations, talent management, sales and marketing management, IT Security, data and privacy breach incident management, cost management, vendor compliance and management, standardization and delivery of agreed deliverables. If needed we can also act as a deposition/trial computer expert and witness on behalf of your organization.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

We can design, implement and test the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans including acting as member of DR / BCP Response Teams.


We are great at sourcing systems, solutions and services including gathering business requirements, specifications, facilitating RFx’s, negotiating and implementing.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We have a methodology to assess and integrate merger and acquisition technology environments so you don’t have to create one from scratch.


Governance, Risk & Compliance

Is your technology and systems environment efficient, effective, compliant and ready to be leveraged to support your business plans?  Is your organization and customer data protected?  We can guide you in reducing risk, and help you prepare, self-assess (including scans) and remediate to meet compliance – we excel at updating programs, policies, procedures, processes, training, systems and services.


Continuous improvement is in our nature, especially doing things a new way.  We have identified solutions that securely optimize the performance of individuals, teams and organizations while reducing costs.  

  • Computers as a Service

  • Cloud Services Enablement

  • Legacy System Transformations

  • Red Hat Open Source Solutions

  • Technology Surveillance Counter Measure Systems



True service is scarce and has value. Each of us understands service based upon our individual and shared life experiences. The service cultures we work in impact the level of service we expect and the way we deliver it ourselves. We specialize in inspiring individuals and teams to connect with their Service Passion and how they should deliver it to others to build trust, loyalty and revenue with customers – no matter the industry, sector or segment.


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